Monday, November 22, 2004

Intelligent Design – Teaching Pseudoscience as Science. Does Conservative Christian Theology Promote Lying?

The story of a Pennsylvania school board's efforts to promote Intelligent Design theory has now been covered by the Christian Science Monitor. At least one Christian extremist on the board had the intellectual honesty to make it clear that this really is a religious issue:

At one tumultuous meeting, a supporter of the change reportedly asked an opposing member whether she was "born again." After the plan passed, two board members resigned. In Cobb County, meanwhile, several parents have sued to make the district remove the "evolution is a theory" stickers.

Given the fact that Intelligent Design has no scientific basis it seems especially reprehensible that Conservative Christians would foist this on children. The idea of deceiving children by mandating that they be taught that Intelligent Design, a poorly thought out pseudoscientific fraud meant to promote Creationism, is the scientific equal of Evolutionary is not only an act of deceit but constitutes nothing short of intellectual child abuse.


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