Friday, November 05, 2004

A Positive Month at Church

Our pastor is an interesting guy and wise beyond his years. In addition to having a graduate degree in theology he is also an MD and is about to publish his first book. We have had a few medical crises in my family and he was always right on the money when it came to giving advice.

It would have been very easy and even popular for our pastor to hit the pulpit and get the flock all fired up about the election. Lord knows thousands of pastors did just that. Our guy took a different path. For the last month he kept a lid on things by doing a series of sermons on “40-Days of Purpose.” This is a popular book in Evangelical circles and is making the rounds in the world of conservative Christianity complete with t-shirts, day planners and videotapes. The upshot is that you need to study your Bible and volunteer for service to the community. Seems reasonable. The book is a little on the shallow and boring side but that is what we needed, at least I did.

I would also note that our church did not circulate those nasty partisan "non-partisan voter guides." We have done so in the past but not for the last two or three years. I always raise a real stink about it anyway. There are some Democrats in our Church, like 1% - 2% of the congregation and we get a little tense around election time but this year was much better thanks to the thoughtfulness of our leadership. Thank God.


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