Monday, November 29, 2004

What have liberals done for America? Plenty!

What have liberals done for America? Here are some items to ponder:
- Lead America out of the great depression
- Lead America and the world to victory in WWII
- Stood firm against communism in Berlin, Korea, Cuba and Vietnam
- Spoke out against racism and fought for the right of ALL Americans to vote
- Landed a man on the moon
- Negotiated peace between Israel and its former enemies Egypt and Jordan
- Gave America social security and Medicare to ensure that ALL Americans would have the right to retire without fear of living in abject poverty
- Elected presidents have balanced their budgets or at the very least reduced the deficits of their Republican predecessors
- Led the United States into becoming the most powerful political, economic and military power in human history

Homework for the five or so people who visit this blog on a daily basis: Create a similar list for conservative contributions to America and by the way, before you put down “ending the cold war” you might want to read my November 7th post on that topic.


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