Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Hypocrisy Meter is off the Charts

So we attend this good Bible believing church and belong to the local Boy Scout Troop. Being the only liberal in sight I have been an easy mark for rabid conservatives just festering to shove their “values” down my heathen throat. After years in this environment my son is discouraged in that he doesn’t feel he has "normal parents." What do normal Evangelical and Scouting parents provide their children that my children are denied? Let's see:

- Unfettered access to R-Rated movies in the theatre and on DVD

- Video games that realistically recreate some of the most violent episodes in US military history. As if I want my kids to learn to enjoy killing people at close range with a machine gun?

- And now the latest the “Soft Air Gun.” These little gems are realistic recreations of every handgun, shot gun and military rifle known to man and they shoot plastic BB’s. One reviewer on cheered “This gun Rocks. If you don't like it you are a fag. When i used it I made a kid bleed from a 25yard shot. BUY THIS GUN"

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you “values.”


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