Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bush to America – When it comes to being President, Atheists Need Not Apply

Honest, I wrote this before Andrew Sullivan made his post but to be fair here is a link to Sullivan’s blog.

From the Washington Times:

President Bush said yesterday that he doesn't "see how you can be president without a relationship with the Lord," but that he is always mindful to protect the right of others to worship or not worship.

Which is simply another way of saying that anyone who does not share his particular Evangelical views need not participate in our democracy. But wasn’t that really what the Red states have been saying all along?

What makes this whole interview even more amusing (or frightening) is that it took place in the oval office with the
Washington Times – yes that Washington Times, the one owned by Bush family friend and self proclaimed messiah Reverend Moon (read more about the Washinton Times and Moon). To be fair, Moon has made it clear that he is better than Jesus because Jesus failed in his ministry. Take this little gem for the Washington Times’ owner:

"Jesus never achieved a thousandth of what Father has done. In his two years and eight months of public ministry, [Jesus] didn't even establish the national foundation. Now, Father has established a foundation of worldwide power that is unprecedented in history."

The reverend loves to refer to himself in the third person as father.

As for our President, as usual his theology and belief in religious freedom leave us confused but perhaps we can clarify things,“W” is an Evangelical Christian who leads a democracy founded on religious freedom unless you don’t believe in God in which case you may not participate. Further, even though “W” is a devout Christian he sidles up to a guy who says he’s better than God. Got it? Me neither.


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