Thursday, January 13, 2005

Human Rights Watch on Torture in the Bush Administration

CNN reported the following from Human Rights Watch:

"When most governments breach international human rights and humanitarian law, they commit a violation," New York-based Human Rights Watch said in its annual report of human rights developments in 60 countries."When a government as dominant and influential as the United States openly defies that law and seeks to justify its defiance, it also undermines the law itself and invites others to do the same."The group urged the administration of President George W. Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate any U.S. officials who participated in, ordered or had command responsibility for torture or mistreatment. It also dismissed the Bush administration's claim that Abu Ghraib prisoner treatment was a problem limited to a few soldiers acting on their own.

If we impeached President Clinton over for lying about sex, when do we do we start proceedings against President Bush?


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