Wednesday, March 02, 2005

When the Government Tells you Who to Pray To

As a Christian I have no greater fear than a government that holds the power to tell me who to pray to, when to pray or how to pray. All too many, and perhaps most, Evangelical Christians go through life assuming that inside of every heathen (i.e. anyone who is not Evangelical) there is a good Evangelical just waiting to get out. How else could it be? Now that Evangelicals control the White House, Congress, and soon the Supreme Court they see it as only logical to consolidate their power and make it the law of the land that all should bow down before their God. What Evangelicals forget is that one day they may not be in power. One day it may be Muslims, or Jews or Buddhists or someone else who has a monopoly on power. When that day comes, how will Evangelicals feel about having given the government the power to tell us what God to bow down to?

Remember this as the Supreme Court debates whether or not the government should be pushing the 10 commandments.

From today’s
New York Times:

Adding the national anthem to the Kentucky displays or pointing to other statues in the distance in Texas cannot undo the displays' clear motivation: tying the legal system to Protestantism. The wall between church and state dates proudly to the earliest days of the republic. The founders may not have anticipated a country with many Hindu and Buddhist Americans, but they were wise enough to write a document that protects their rights. Our increasingly diverse nation must not appear to prefer some religions, and some citizens, over others.

By the way, if we lose this one I suggest everyone hide those graven images lest you risk getting stoned to death....2nd Commandment - "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"


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