Monday, November 29, 2004

How to Eliminate the National Debt – A Modest Proposal

We all know, or at least should know, that the national debt is going through the roof and threatens our very way of life. Anyone who has done any amount of research must feel like a passenger on the Titanic. Honestly, blame must be placed where it is due. Ronald Reagan and Bush #1 added about three trillion to the debt and Bush #2 looks to be adding a trillion or two more. We Democrats did try to take the helm and did briefly stem the flow of water into the bow section, but alas, conservatives seized control and succeeded in flooding all of the forward compartments. We are doomed.

But wait, what of chivalry? The good people of The Vision Forum, who specialize in all manner of educational materials for indoctrinating aspiring religious right neocons have the answer in their “Women and Children First Collection!” In these books you will learn how the men of the HMS Birkenhead gladly gave up their seats in the life boats of their doomed ship to save the lives their women and children. We also read of the brave men of the Titanic who similarly gave their lives for the women and children of their stricken vessel (well, 1st and 2nd class women and children, steerage was apparently another matter). So here is the model, straight from the religious right’s own reading list, for eliminating the national debt. All registered republicans and conservative Christians will donate their entire net worth toward eliminating the crippling debt that was brought on us by their own sheer arrogance and incompetence. If this isn’t enough they can borrow the money and take the remaining debt on themselves. Further, they can put their children to work in coal mines and cotton mills just like their heroes did lo those many years ago. I would expect the good neocons to shun all offers of food stamps, temporary housing and other government assistance lest the evils of creeping socialism corrupt their now impoverished families.

In the mean time, I will happily take my place in the life-boat. Thanks guys!


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