Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson - Poster Child for the Religious Right

Here's what the Christian Coalition (Pat Robertson's organization and staunch supporters of W.) had to say about Pat's comments on assassinating Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.....

(AgapePress) - Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) founder Pat Robertson is showing no sign of regret over the controversial remarks he made Monday on his 700 Club television program, calling for the U.S. assassination of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, a leader the evangelist described as "a terrific danger" to America.

News sources quoted Robertson as saying the U.S. should have its operatives "take Chavez out," in order to stop him from making his country "a launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism." And despite widespread criticism on network TV shows the following day, the outspoken evangelist did not shy away from making further controversial observations on his 700 Club program on Tuesday.

Discussing the biblical roots of Islam, Robertson noted on the Tuesday 700 Club broadcast that "Abraham had a couple of sons. One was named Isaac; the other was Ishmael, and the Bible talks about Ishmael as being a wild ass. He's just uncontrollable. And it's almost like that seed of rebellion and uncontrolled anger has filtered into these people." The Christian commentator went on to say that Islamic terrorists seem to be motivated by "a spirit of murder."

Although Robertson did not repeat or even mention his call for assassinating President Chavez on the Tuesday show, CBN representatives say the longtime 700 Club host stands by his previous statements. Other prominent conservatives have disagreed with and criticized the evangelical leader for his comments, however.


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