Thursday, December 02, 2004

Arab Democracy – An Oxymoron?

Comments from some very brave Arab journalists noting the irony that the only place in the middle east where free elections are held is in "occupied" Palestine and "occupied" Iraq. It seems the only thing that scares the Arab league more than the "infidels" are there own people.

The money Quote:
It is sad and pathetic that the eyes of the entire world are upon the Palestinian and Iraqi elections that will be held under the lances of foreign occupation, while the peoples of the 'independent, free, and sovereign' Arab countries have no way of expressing their will. It is sad and pathetic that certain countries today are treating the Iraqis with the cheapest kind of political hypocrisy, even though no one heard any particular Arab protest during the time of the regime of the mass graves [i.e. during Saddam's rule].

Here's the link:

I was against the invasion of Iraq but now that we are there we must see it all the way through and that means leaving a democracy. As much as I disagree with Bush, the fact is there is no greater legacy that a President can leave than a more democratic world.


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