Thursday, May 05, 2005

Evangelicals being Portrayed as Ignorant Yahoos – The Scopes Trial All Over Again - Let's Start A One Week Financial Boycott of Church

I have been asked more than once why the media consistently portray Evangelical Christians as Ignorant Yahoos and slack jawed yokels. Usually the person asking this also mumbles something about the “Stinking, evil, satanic, biased, liberal, scum sucking, tree hugging, Hillary Clinton loving, media.” They are also sure to say this through clenched teeth followed by prayer that Jesus would send all of the journalists to hell who don’t get down on their knees and beg for God’s mercy on their maggot filled souls. Now in honesty, I started to this blog to extend a kind of understanding between the Evangelical world (I am a Christian) and everyone else. I have mostly given up on this as the Evangelical world seems to have gone off into to the deep end of the stupid pond since their “Boy George” turned the White House into Focus on the Family’s East Coast Headquarters. Alas, I digress, but it is a digression which assures that I will never have to worry about being nominated to another church board :-)

Where was I? Ah yes, Ignorant Yahoos and Slack Jawed Yokels. To my Evangelical brethren, the reason we are portrayed as Ignorant Yahoos and Slack Jawed Yokels is because that is how we behave. Case In point from MSNBC:

The evolution of a fight to the end
In Kansas, God and science are going toe to toe again

Defenders of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection are boycotting four days of hearings — beginning Thursday — over the science curriculum in Kansas, where the state Board of Education is made up of a majority of conservatives critical of what they see as errors in the standard theory.

Mainstream science organizations spurned invitations to participate, dismissing the hearings as an effort “to attack and undermine science,” in the view of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which publishes the journal Science.

At least in this instance, and most others for that matter, the issue is not persecution by an anti-Christian media but accurate reporting by an objective press which rightly fears the efforts of an ignorant mob of religious fanatics with immense political power.

For those few Christians who are as sickened as I am by all of this may I suggest that we financially boycott our churches for one week in November (say, around election time) and give the money to causes that really do further the kingdom of God, like helping the poor, the homeless and the hungry. Fellow Bloggers, I am eager to learn how to grow this boycott into something meaningful - I awaite your suggestion!